Rutland Wedding Photographer



My Passion

Multim in Parvo translates as “Much in Little” which is the motto of not only this great county, but this little Rutland Wedding Photographer too! I was born and bred here but have travelled the world and photographed many great things. To learn more about me visit the page specially dedicated to what makes me tick. I love taking photos of people and maybe you could be next. My next subject could be you, your love, your family or your wedding. Photos of the smallest memories can make the biggest difference, so take a look and get in touch because my main passion is you.


 My Approach

I try my hardest to picture you as you, without interference or manipulation, so that you are presented with a set of photos that best represent you, your loved one, your family or your wedding. I don’t want someone to look at the photos I give you and say “Oh yes, Lizzie took that!” Instead I want them to look at it and say “that’s you/your loved one/your family/your wedding, summed up to a tee” You get the idea right?!


My Aim

I want to create a set of images that evoke emotion. I want them to make you happy, so happy that you cry or so happy that you laugh, but happy either way. I want to create an environment where even the staged photos feel relaxed and where your relationship with me and the camera feels like an old pair of your favourite slippers! Yes, I want to be slippers. You be the left and I’ll be the right, and together we will work like a dream!