About Me

My name is Lizzie and I’m a contradiction in terms because whilst being a total cynic I’m a hopeless romantic who is largely driven by nostalgia and always hopes to find the best in people. I’m a cheap date and would happily take laughter over flowers but frequent trips to the cinema are also good and I have every ticket stub from every film I’ve seen at the cinema since the age of 16.  I love so many things but also hate a few of them too.  My mom always told us that hate is a very strong word and so I try not to use it unless completely necessary but there are times when nothing else will suffice… like cleaning out a dirty plug hole, driving down a very narrow street or accidentally sticking my finger in to a rotting vegetable at the bottom of the fridge. What I love is endless but in a nutshell it’s all about my daughter, red wine, dark chocolate, my extended family, my cats, cheese, Christmas, the beach, a good cocktail, live gigs, pancakes, a belly laugh that hurts, bacon, long hot showers (mostly since becoming a mom because they are a luxury) and weddings, plus the hot bloke I’m married to, he deserves a mention I reckon. I put all these things in no particular order so that no single one of them gets upset yet do not doubt for one second that I don’t offer them all the same undivided attention. I have an irrational fear of both cows and spiders but will happily hold a snake or hug a horse. I don’t like the admin that comes with being self employed but I am also completely in love with what I do… It’s not rocket science but I do reckon I take good note of your stories and picture them as they happen, putting you at ease in the process and paying particular attention to the moments that will evoke an emotion. I’m not very good at cracking eggs and normally break at least seven from every ten I open. I get road rage and can’t stomach middle lane hogs and I won’t apologise for swearing unless your parents are around. I love to travel and have two passports yet since having a kid that has really slowed down, however, I will never resent the reason why. I live in jeans and trainers but always dress up for a wedding and there is a small space in my heart entirely dedicated to stars. Since having three tattooed across my shoulder they travel with me everywhere. I’m also older than I look apparently…

I love taking pictures of people. That’s really the crux of it. People are expressive and fun, they’re happy and in love, they celebrate and they document it. I document it and I love doing so.  I’m also not very comfortable in front of the camera and so I know how it feels and I can help, I PROMISE.

Lizzie adams photographer

Photos by Will Fuller – One of my favs xx

My bedside manner centres on fun. FUN FUN FUN!

“If you never did, you should.  These things are fun, and fun is good.” – Dr Seuss

That chap spoke a lot of sense. Despite all that, I’m nothing if not professional and whilst retaining a sense of humour I won’t actually crack a joke during your wedding ceremony…honest. I act the fool to make the kids smile during a family photo shoot and I’ll be quiet if the baby is sleeping. I’ll get to know you too because I’m a fan of people and I like meeting you, it’s my job and I do my job well so expect lots of coffee and a bit of cake in there too (this also translates to wine if you’re in to that…I am).  Really, I just want to be your friend, without sounding like a total weirdo, it’s my job to put you at ease and take a good photo.  I like my job.

If you’d like to see more of what I do then check out my blog. Want to know how much I cost? I tell you HERE and if you fancy a coffee (or wine), please feel free to get in touch;


07951 030114